Aboa Tech Talks: AI Enabled Sustainable Technologies

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The next Aboa Tech Talks will take place on 22.5.2024 at 9-11.00 am. The theme is AI Enabled Sustainable Technologies. Welcome to join in! No registration needed. 

Join the webinar: https://turkuamk.zoom.us/j/67603264359


  • Synthetic Data and Privacy AI in Healthcare, Mojtaba Jafaritadi, Ph.D , Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • AI-driven development of new sustainable materials, Milica Todorovich, Assoc. Prof. , Materials Informatics Laboratory, Faculty of Technology
  • Sustainable AI: Navigating the Trade-offs, Andreas Lundell, Associate Professor in Information Technology, Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa
  • Generative AI – a polluter? Esa Alhoniemi, TUAS Fellow, Senior Data Specialist, Inoi Oy.