Ella von Weissenberg defends her Doctoral Thesis in Marine Biology

Systemic Transformation to Build Resilience RDI
Ella von Weissenberg dissputation 2024

Ella von Weissenberg has participated in research projects at Novia University of Applied Sciences during her time as a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, under the supervision of Researcher PhD Jonna Engström-Öst 

Ella von Weissenberg, FM will defend the doctoral dissertation entitled "Reproduction, oxidative stress biomarkers and fatty acid profiles reveal salinity- and warming-induced forcing on marine zooplankton" in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, on 17 May 2024 at 13:00. Professor Lidia Yebra, Instituto Español de Oceanografia CSIC, will serve as the opponent, and Professor Marie Nordström as the custos. 

The public examination will take place at the following address: University of Helsinki, Main Building, Karolina Eskelin -sali, Unioninkatu 34 and can be viewed via livestream 

The dissertation is also available in electronic form in Helda.