The Novia UAS strategy, hållbar genomslagskraft ­- Sustainable Impact, has been determined

Novia Press release
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The strategic goals and direction for the university's activities in the coming years are clear. Novia invests in sustainable solutions, Nordic collaboration and global orientation.

The reality is that the market for higher education is becoming increasingly global at the same time as the labor shortage increases and the need for international recruitment grows. Novia therefore seeks national and international growth to contribute to societal welfare and to ensure resources to guarantee quality in the university's operations.

The three developmental goals are important in their own right and support each other. The first is sustainable solutions for climate change mitigation. The goal is for Novia to be at the forefront of supporting innovative and sustainable solutions for the green transition and the conditions for welfare and a good life. The second goal concerns Nordic cooperation for welfare and resilience. Through active involvement in Nordic networks, especially in working life and culture, the goal is to increase the visibility of Novia and all of Finland in the rest of the Nordic region. In this way, knowledge about Finland and the Nordic togetherness is strengthened. The third strategic goal is global orientation for a sustainable future. Novia strives for comprehensive global cooperation and long-term strategic partnerships. Good international references should give the university the opportunity and credibility to work for a global, open and sustainable society.

"We strive for Novia to be a long-term strong player that promotes sustainable social development, strengthens Finland in the Nordic community and connects the local with the global. We want and we can take responsibility and make a difference," says President Örjan Andersson.

Firm foundations and shared values support daily work

The basis for the business and the strategy is the same as before; Novia offers high-class education according to the needs of working life and society, as well as research, development and innovation activities that support education, which strengthens competence and creates added value for the university's students and partners. The common values support daily work at the university.

“The strategy rests on our agreed upon values; include, engage, deliver. These provide a good foundation for the strong growth we have had in recent years to continue," says Andersson.

"I am pleased with the commitment and interest that has been shown within our staff during the strategy process and would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone," concludes President Örjan Andersson.

If you are interested in reading more about our new strategy, you can find it here [link to strategy].

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