Number of Applicants to Novia UAS almost tripled from last year

Novia News Press release
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The application period to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes at Novia UAS ended on January 18th. The degree programmes begin in the autumn. A total of 367 study places were available (317 in 2022).

Novia had almost 11,000 applicants (ca. 3,800 in 2022). Around 3,000 of these 11,000 applicants were primary applicants. The three most popular Bachelor’s Degree Programmes were found in Health and Welfare; Nursing was most popular with 3,200 applicants, followed by Beauty Care with 2,000 applicants and Biomedical Laboratory Science with 1,200 applicants.

The two most popular Master’s Degree Programmes were found in Business Administration; Digital Business and Management was most popular with close to 1,000 applicants, followed by Service Design with 500 applicants.

“We’ve gradually expanded our supply of English-language degree programmes in recent years to respond to the increasingly international working life. We’re very pleased with the result, which is in line with our strategy and exceeded our goals”, says President Örjan Andersson.

Entrance exams to English-language degree programmes are held in February and March. Novia UAS will notify applicants of admission decisions in late March, and the national deadline for the publication of admission results is June 2nd. Studies begin in the autumn 2023.

For more information, please contact:

Novia University of Applied Sciences, President Örjan Andersson, tel. 050 527 2286

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Expert Team Leader at Admissions Services, Linda Norrbutts, tel. 046 922 5605

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