IKEM and Novia UAS address the energy and mobility transition in the Baltic Sea region

Novia Press release
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A new partnership between the Berlin-based Institute of Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) and Novia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) aims to advance transnational research on the energy and mobility transition in the Baltic Sea region. The cooperation agreement was signed this week during a joint workshop in Berlin. 

" Since its foundation, IKEM has been conducting interdisciplinary research on issues such as offshore wind energy, autonomous driving and climate policy in the Baltic Sea region. We are convinced that transnational cooperation on every level can be a crucial element for securing energy security, providing mobility to citizens and to boost climate-friendly economic growth in the region. That is why we are excited about working together more closely with Novia UAS", said Prof. Dr. Michael Rodi, director of IKEM.  

Dr. Örjan Andersson, President of Novia UAS, added: ‘Novia UAS has strong expertise in sustainable energy technology and smart maritime mobility solutions. Both the energy and mobility sector are key to fighting climate change, but the implementation of climate action is often not moving forward fast enough. That is why, together with IKEM, we will address the practical issues surrounding the decarbonisation of shipping and the expansion of renewable energy in the Baltic Sea region.’

Starting in 2023, IKEM and Novia UAS plan to initiate projects on sustainability in the shipping sector, the energy transition in the Baltic Sea region as well as green care and ecosystem services.

Örjan Andersson (Novia) & Michael Rodi (IKEM)

Örjan Andersson (Novia) & Michael Rodi (IKEM)

About Novia UAS

Novia UAS is the is the largest Swedish-speaking University of Applied Sciences in Finland operating in Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori, and Pietarsaari. It offers high-quality education and research focused on professional development.

About IKEM

IKEM is a non-profit association and independent research institute with over 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary research on climate change mitigation. Its work explores issues at the intersection of law, economics and politics. 

Main picture, from left: Johanna Liinamaa, Head of Research (Novia), Kristian Blomqvist, Dean (Novia), Friedemann Kallmayer  (IKEM), Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky (IKEM), Örjan Andersson, President (Novia), Eva Sandberg-Kilpi, Dean (Novia), Anika Nicolaas Ponder (IKEM), Tim Langenhorst (IKEM)

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