Novia UAS Raises Flag for Pride on 27th June 2023


Novia UAS is one of several universities of applied sciences that draws attention to equality and diversity during Pride Month. Among other things, the Pride flag is raised on Novia UAS campuses on 27th June 2023.

Pride Month in June highlights equal rights for all independent of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Several universities of applied sciences raise the Pride flag on their campuses, as well as pay attention to Pride Month in various ways within their communication and on their social media.

Equality is an important part of the foundational values of Novia UAS, and the university continuously works towards transparency, tolerance, and accountability. Among other things, Novia UAS has a Plan for Equality and Equal Treatment covering both students and staff. The plan contains clear directives for principles, operating models, and objectives.

The Novia UAS Plan for Equality and Equal Treatment can be found on the website.

By participating in Pride Novia UAS would like to emphasise that a sustainable and open society means the same rights and opportunities for all.

"During June, Pride month is celebrated all over the world. However, it is important to remember that while Pride is a public festival worth celebrating, Pride is still a demonstration and a struggle that is needed in society, also here in Finland. It is incredibly important that those who are not part of the LGBTIQA+ community also recognize the struggle and stand up against hate and discrimination. It is the responsibility and conscience of all of us,” says Lina Johansson, Chairman of the Board at Student Union Novium.