New Publication: Film and Place in an Intercultural Perspective 

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Film and Place in an Intercultural Perspective

How can Indian film production create added value for regions in Europe? This is explored in the new publication” Film and Place in an Intercultural Perspective”, published Open Access by Routledge in September.  

The interdisciplinary publication is the result of the project FilmInd - Indian film industry as a driver of new socio-economic connections between India and Europe” (2019 – 2023) where Novia University of Applied Sciences was one of the project partners. The book takes the reader on a journey through filmmaking in Europe with examples from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Finland and the other Nordic countries, where Indian film industry is gradually expanding its presence.  

Therese Sunngren-Granlund, Research Manager at Novia University of Applied Sciences has focused on how regions in the Nordic countries could benefit from film productions.  

“Attracting a larger film production and developing a region have a lot in common. As in all place marketing work, whether for a region or a specific place, it is about finding your own niche and developing it further. Novia UAS has contributed to this with our expertise in entrepreneurship for the creative industry and workshop conception”, says Sunngren-Granlund 

The book is of interest to researchers in film studies, cultural anthropology, cultural geography, tourism, economics, sociology and cultural studies. It offers valuable data, tools and strategies to regions, businesses and organisations interested in attracting film productions, investments and creating new creative networks.  

Film and Place in an Intercultural Perspective, India-Europe Film Connections is available open access: 

About the book 

Film and Place in an Intercultural Perspective, India-Europe Film Connections 

Edited by: Krzysztof Stachowiak PhD, Hania Janta PhD, Jani Kozina PhD and Therese Sunngren-Granlund  

Published 26.9.2023 



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