Örjan Andersson

My Novia UAS

Novia's area of activity is located along the Finnish coast and the University of Applied Sciences operates in Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori, and Pietarsaari. With 4 750 students, and a workforce consisting of about 350 people, the college is the largest Swedish-speaking polytechnic in Finland. Novia UAS has a close working relationship with the business community and an active alumni network.

We offer high-class work-entrenched polytechnic education for our graduate students, as well as continuing education. We conduct Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) activities relevant to the outside world. We are responsive to the needs of working life and lay the foundations for the sustainable development of society.


President and CEO

Technology Doctor, Docent Örjan Andersson is the CEO for Ab Yrkeshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi since June 2007. 


Board of Directors for the University of Applied Sciences at Åbo Akademi University

Novia flagga

  • Chairman Johan Aura, Educational Foundation Sydväst
  • Anders Norrback, Federation of Swedish Municipalities in Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture, Söfuk,
  • Stefan Malm, Federation of Swedish Municipalities in Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture, Söfuk
  • Lasse Svens, Foundation for Åbo Akademi University
  • Mikael Lindfelt, Åbo Akademi University
  • Heidi Backman, Åbo Akademi University
  • Harriet Ahlnäs, Educational Foundation Sydväst
  • Camilla Ribacka, Staff Representative
  • Mira Bäck, Student Representative 

CEO Örjan Andersson 

Management Group for Novia UAS


  • Dean Eva Sandberg-Kilpi, Faculty of Bioeconomy
    Phone +358 44 449 8251, eva.sandberg-kilpi@novia.fi, Raaseporintie 9, Tammisaari
    Deputy Dean, Johnny Sved, +358 44 449 8245, johnny.sved@novia.fi  Raseborgsvägen 9, Tammisaari
  • Dean Kristian Blomqvist, Faculty of Technology and Seafaring
    Phone +358 50 561 7869, kristian.blomqvist@novia.fi, Wolffintie 33, Vaasa
  • Deal Eva Juslin, Faculty of Health and Welfare
    phone+358 44 762 3370,eva.juslin@novia.fi Wolffintie 31, Vaasa
  • Dean Camilla Ekman, Faculty of Business
    Phone +358 44 762 3219, camilla.ekman@novia.fi, Henrikinkatu 7, Turku
  • Dean Håkan Omars, Faculty of Culture Arts and Humanities
    Phone +358 40 550 8734, hakan.omars@novia.fi,  Kauppiaankatu10, Pietarsaari

    Executive Assistant to the President/CEO, Pia Rönnlund
    Phone +358 50 595 2331, pia.ronnlund@novia.fi, Wolffintie 31, Vaasa
Novia skylt löv

Management Group, Higher Education Service 

  • Head of Administration and HR Kjell Heir, phone +358 50 538 3502
  • Head of Communication Jenny Svartsjö, phone +358 50 561 7803
  • Head of Quality Assurance, Mats Lindholm, phone +358 44 762 3760
  • Head of Student Services Thomas Böckelman, phone +358 44 762 3600
  • Head of ICT Johan Kempe, phone +358 44 780 5171
  • Facilities and Safety Manager Tommy Nyman, phone +358 44 762 3228
  • Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
    Pia Rönnlund, phone +358 50 595 2331