Komio - Utbildningssamarbete om klimatkompetens inom markanvändningssektorn

Jord och skogsbruksministeriet

Period: 21.11.2023 - 30.9.2024

Content: KOMIO will strengthen climate expertise in the land use sector through training cooperation. The project is aimed at farmers and forestry entrepreneurs, advisors, teachers, natural resources students and others interested in the theme. The project will compile study materials and study modules from the results of the RDI activities of universities of applied sciences in the field of natural resources, especially projects funded by the Catch the Carbon package. The availability of the results of the project in the native language in the channels and forums to which the target group is accustomed promotes the accessibility of the results. The material will be utilised in the study offerings of higher education institutions, for example on a continuous learning platform. In addition, the results will be communicated on the AgriHubi platform and other communication channels. Networking between universities of applied sciences and the compilation of teaching materials promote the profiling of universities of applied sciences in the field of natural resources.

The following products are produced in the project:
• Compilation of project results from Catch the Carbon in the Land Use Sector (WP1)
• Validated materials and summaries of discussions (WP2)
• Teaching materials in the land use sector (WP3)
• Sharing of study materials and study modules on the AgriHubi platform (WP4)
• Proposal for the profiling of universities of applied sciences (WP5)

KOMIO is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and by the own funding of the nine participating universities of applied sciences.

Focus area: Bioekonomi och hållbart nyttjande av naturresurser

Campus: Raseborg

Financers: Jord- och skogsbruksministeriet

Project owner: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Project manager: Christel Holmlund Norrén

Partners: Lapin AMK, HAMK, JAMK, Savonia, XAMK, Karelia, OAMK