Digital Business and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Lambung Mangkurat University Utbildningsstyrelsen

Period: 22.10.2021 - 31.12.2024

Content: Content:Digital Business and Entrepreneurship with a Sustainability Approach - Learning through Collaborations in a Cross-Cultural Setting” is a jointly designed project by Novia UAS and Lambung Mangkurat University, in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The project is one of 27 projects that were selected among 92 applications in the first call for proposals of the new Team Finland Knowledge programme under the Finnish National Agency for Education. Activities will last until the end of 2023 including, among others, joint courses and workshops, creating new operating models of co-teaching in hybrid and blended teaching environments. The model is piloted through the planning and implementing of joint courses.The aim is to increase teacher competencies for virtual teaching, focusing on specific skills development for students integrated within jointly identified fields of teaching. A new operating model will be created, with teachers co-teaching around identified topics but from different perspectives, integrating sustainability throughout the course modules. Project activities include virtual and onsite workshops focusing on professional development through curriculum and course design, jointly delivering the courses. The initiative highlights cross-cultural collaboration, entrepreneurship, sustainability and learning from each other and includes short term inbound and outbound mobility for selected staff and students.The anticipated project results are:- Improved competencies for virtual and collaborative teaching.- Improved understanding of important aspects in the teaching methodology to integrate sustainability approaches and identified skills for future working life.- Lessons learnt after piloting a new operating model can be used in other fields of teaching.The purpose of the Team Finland Knowledge programme is to create and strengthen cooperation between Finnish higher education institutions and the target regions and countries selected to the TFK network, and to design new operating models for cooperation. The programme funds educational cooperation between higher education institutions through cooperation and mobility projects. Additional information about the programme is available on the Finnish National Agency for Education’s website at more information on the project, please contact the following persons:• Rosmeriany Nahan-Suomela, Head of Degree Programme, Lead Expert/ Project• Anna-Karin Jansson, Business• Chrysi Dresnali, Service

Focus area: Affärsutveckling

Campus: Vasa Wolffskavägen 31

Financers: Utbildningsstyrelsen, Lambung Mangkurat University

Project owner: Project owner: Novia UAS

Project manager: Project manager: Rosmeriany Nahan-Suomela