(ARGh) Augmented Reality genom historiesamarbete

Aktion Osterbotten Europeiska jordbruksfonden for landsbygdsutveckling EJFLU Leader

Period: 8.3.2021 - 15.4.2024

Content: KulturÖsterbotten and Novia are collaborating with Medeltidsveckan on Gotland to make the "invisible" Middle Ages visible. The project includes a pilot in augmented reality (AR) in Swedish Ostrobothnia and on Gotland. The utilisation of AR enables knowledge dissemination in a new and inspiring way, and with technical solutions that are suitable for a changed and changing cultural landscape both now and in the future.

Digital solutions can visualise and bring history to life in places with historical significance, but which currently lack museum infrastructure. In parallel with the development of digital presentations about medieval sites, the project will also explore how to best find an interplay between digital visualisation and guidance in cultural-historical environments.

Focus area: Konst kultur och entreprenörskap

Campus: Jakobstad

Financers: Europeiska jordbruksfonden för landsbygdsutveckling (EJFLU) , Aktion Österbotten, Leader

Project manager: Tobias Björkskog

Partners: KulturÖsterbotten