Automation and maritime simulation

In safety-critical industries, such as in the maritime domain, accidents are always about failing to manage safety practices. Safety systems often do not support situational awareness, with seafarers not receiving adequate training. Avoiding accidents, therefore does not just concern the individual seafarer, but the practices and the culture of the industry as a whole.

We are experts in maritime operations and safety, constantly developing new, sustainable solutions to improve these areas within the industry. Safety deficiencies have a strong impact regarding the sustainable operation of a ship. Not only can we create solutions that prevent accidents, we can also reduce the environmental impact of shipping at the same time.

Novia University of Applied Science´s automation and maritime simulation research team consists of multidisciplinary and agile expertise. The team combines the operational expertise of the maritime field, a deep understanding of safety and impact of human factors, with skills that focus on technology, digitalization and smart solutions.

We are a part of the Fraunhofer´s family – the world´s largest applied research community. Through the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Smart Shipping, we provide versatile prototyping and testing services for the maritime industry.


Our core expertise

  • Smart decision and support solutions help to perceive complex situations.

  • Maritime Data Solutions and our analytical frame works enable the optimization of shipping operations.

  • Safe and sustainable practices need to be continued through systematic development.

  • Remote and autonomous operations free humans to focus on the most critical situations.

  • In-depth shipping and logistics expertise create the solutions and changes that are needed within the industry.




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Mirva Salokorpi

Research Manager

Research Manager Automation and Maritime Simulation

From Finland out to the world

Finnish knowledge in shipping is valued around the world. Novia University of Applied Sciences collaborates with Fraunhofer CML and develops new, innovative knowledge for the maritime industry.

FIP-S2@Novia - Smart Shipping Research Platform

FIP-S2 @Novia is an applied smart shipping research platform for the maritime industry. With our unique combination of smart maritime technology expertise, operational maritime knowledge, and simulation knowledge, we can solve a wide range of problems for shipping companies efficiently and cost-effectively — from research and prototyping to modifying a finished product for the market.

FIP-S2 @Novia is a joint initiative between Novia University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML. The platform is based on Novia's maritime campus of Aboa Mare.

Applied Research Platform for Autonomous Systems

Applied research of remotely operated, automated and autonomous systems is a globally important area for developmental work and innovation. However, vital testing infrastructures for testing implementations of said research results are still largely missing.

The aim of the ARPA project is to create an ambitious new platform for applied research on autonomous systems. The platform will enable different operators’ concrete RDI work in the field of smart operating environments.

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Mirva Salokorpi

Research Manager

Research Manager Automation and Maritime Simulation

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Carina Virkama

Research Assistant

Research assistant Automation and Maritime Simulation

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