Alumni of Novia UAS Most Satisfied With Their Degrees

Novia Press release
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The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s Annual Career Monitoring Survey examines graduates’ perceptions of, and satisfaction with, their overall education, as well as their degree programme five years after graduation.

The Annual Career Monitoring Survey collects data on graduates’ current employment, career paths, and how satisfied they are with their degree at present. The 2021 Career Monitoring Survey was sent to those who graduated in 2016 and constitutes as a qualitative estimate of activity within employment since graduation.

The most satisfied alumni

Novia UAS scored the best in the survey and has the most satisfied alumni. A total 91 percent of Novia alumni are satisfied with their degree, while the figure for all Universities of Applied Sciences' alumni was 84 percent. Nationally, the Universities of Applied Sciences placed within the range of 75-91 percent in the survey results.

“The core of our education is to give our students the competences and skills required in both the current and future working life. The result from the survey shows that we have succeeded in doing so and I want to extend a thank you to our knowledgeable and engaged teachers”, says Örjan Andersson, President of Novia University of Applied Sciences.

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Novia UAS, Communicator, Caroline Lång