Novia UAS Growing Steadily – Number of Students Now Over 5,000

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Now Over 5,000 Students at Novia!

Novia’s student population has surpassed over 5,000 students in the autumn 2023. The growth has been steady and consistent in recent years. In 2020, the number of students was just over 4,000, and now, three years later, we have exceeded the 5,000 mark. The largest student groups are within the fields of technology and maritime studies, as well as health and welfare.

One reason for this increase is that Novia’s educational offerings have expanded in recent years, both in Swedish-language and English-language education programmes.

“We provide education that aligns with the needs of the business sector and the region, and we have introduced several new programmes in the past few years. This is, of course, a contributing factor to our growth. We have a dedicated staff and offer high-quality education, which we believe is also a reason why students choose Novia”, says Mr Örjan Andersson, President of Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Novia UAS is the largest Swedish-language university of applied sciences in Finland and, in terms of size, it surpasses a quarter of the Finnish-language universities of applied sciences.



Number of students at Novia University of Applied Sciences 09/2023

  • UAS Bachelor’s Degree in Swedish: 3,814 students
  • UAS Master’s Degree in Swedish: 117 students
  • UAS Bachelor’s Degree in English: 663 students
  • UAS Master’s Degree in English: 420 students

    In total, over 5,000 students


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