Novia has committed alumni

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The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s Annual Career Monitoring Survey examines graduates’ perceptions of, and satisfaction with, their overall education, as well as their degree programme five years after graduation.

The Annual Career Monitoring Survey collects data on graduates’ current employment, career paths, and how satisfied they are with their degree at present. The 2022 Career Monitoring Survey was sent to those who graduated in 2017 and constitutes as a qualitative estimate of activity within employment since graduation.

"Novia would like to thank all the alumni who participated in this year's career survey. Novia's response rate was this year again among the highest in the country, reaching a response rate of 55.5 percent. Thanks to the dedicated alumni who answered the survey, we can develop the education and be even better! We now have good data to analyse.”, says Isabella Alén, alumni coordinator at Novia University of Applied Sciences


For more information contact
Novia UAS, Alumni coordinatorr, Isabella Alén, phone 050 472 7805