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We asked Patrik Byholm, the Head of Degree Programme for Natural Resource Management, some questions about what prospective students could look forward to during their studies with Novia UAS.

Byholm explained that, since the teaching is conducted 100% online, students can complete their degree from abroad without any need to come to Finland. Except for a few intensive online teaching days, when all students meet in real time, the studies can be completed when it best suits each student’s own schedule (for example, alongside work).

Whilst a typical Natural Resource Management student will complete their studies while simultaneously working, or perhaps being on parental leave, there is also a possibility to study abroad as an exchange student during part of the degree program. Information regarding exchange studies can be found on the Novia UAS website and from the International Office.

When asked what kinds of projects students can get involved with during their studies, Byholm explains that the research and development unit, which is located at the Raasepori Campus (Raseborg) and which hosts the Natural Resource Management degree programme, conducts high quality research within the fields of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Bioeconomy.

“It is up to you where you want to get involved. If you wish to get hands on experience from working in projects there are good chances to get involved in these while studying at our programme.” Byholm continues.

In terms of thesis projects and research topics, there have been many excellent projects over the years, according to Byholm. “One of our students assessed the sustainable development potential of the edible macrofungi of Namibia’s thorn bush savanna bioregion”, Byholm says.

“Another student researched the removal of pharmaceutical compounds by anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge whilst a third student investigated the role of the garden business in the spread of invasive alien species”, Byholm continues.

After the completion of the master´s degree, students are in a better position when applying for a job within their field. “Employers value education and, if you wish, it is also possible to continue your studies towards a PhD degree with a master’s degree from Novia UAS”, Byholm adds.

According to Byholm, the supervision of theses projects is the most enjoyable part of his role as a Senior Lecturer within the Natural Resource Management degree programme.

“This is a process that usually takes quite some time, and then you learn to both know the student better and get insights into interesting research topics which you would not otherwise have acquainted yourself with necessarily. A good learning experience for the teacher!” Byholm explains.


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