Lessons learned from Agroforestry project and Natural Fibers project to be discussed in December

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The Research and Development team at Novia UAS is hosting back-to-back seminars in early December on the topics of successional agroforestry and natural fibres. The seminars are organized by the project leaders of the Lill-Nägels Agroforestry Pilot Project, Joshua Finch and NorNa- Nordic Natural Fibers and Circular Economy, Ulrika Dahlberg. Together they represent the commitment of the RDI team to research and promote innovations in agriculture which support the sustainable development of local economies with an emphasis on environmentally friendly or even beneficial outcomes. Functional diversity on the farm can benefit the farmer’s profitability, soil, and overall quality of life.  

The seminars will be organized at Novia’s campus in Ekenäs, Finland, with remote participation possible through Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex. 

  • December 1st, 2023, 9:00-16:15. Lill- Nägels Agroforestry Pilot Project: Lessons learned and pathways forward for complex agroforestry systems in temperate climates.
  • December 4th 2023, 14:00 – 16:00. NorNa: Product development and international business of natural fibres 

Media is welcome to take part in the seminars!  

Lill- Nägels Agroforestry Pilot Project: Lessons learned and pathways forward for complex agroforestry systems in temperate climates. 

The Lill-Nägels Agroforestry Pilot Project in Kirkkonummi is trialing an innovative silvoarable farming system. Over 150 woody fruit species are joined by a series of cash crops to help pay for the investment. Biodiversity is supported to restore soil function and productivity. 

Novelty in the perennial planting pattern is joined by strip cropping trials in the alleys, always with an eye on diverse plant communities driving the system's restoration goals. 

We invite you to join us as we share lessons learned and insights gained over the last year. 

Joel Williams, an internationally recognized regenerative agriculture, will speak about how farmers around the world are building soils and running production farms simultaneously. Rikard Korkman, the owner of Lill-Nägels farm, will discuss his journey into regenerative agriculture. The project manager, Joshua Finch, will present the project’s concept and some initial lessons. In another session, he will look to the future of the project on site as well as in other temperate climates. Finally, Michael den Herder- a senior researcher with the European Forest Institute, will share agroforestry’s reach in Finland before we have an open discussion with attendees about agroforestry at large. 

RSVP by 24.11 via this link: https://network.novia.fi/Events/250/Apply  



NorNa: Product development and international business of natural fibres 

Natural fibres are ecological, biodegradable materials that can be used in e.g., textiles, construction and biocomposites. Their production, processing and distribution is essential to find ways to replace materials from fossil sources. To do this, we need to learn about old traditions and methods, but also come up with new products and new value chains. 

Christoph Behrens, who has long experience of global wool trade, will talk at the seminar about wool textile production in Europe. Leena Pesu, who is working to develop production chains for fiber flax in Finland through her business Linen Stories, shares her knowledge about global value chains for natural fibres. Sini Honkala was one of the first to import alpacas to Finland and start developing products of their wool. Now she will tell us about the process of product development with the very fine alpaca wool.  

Link to the registration page: https://network.novia.fi/Events/249/Apply     Please RSVP by November 30th 

The seminar is organised by the project NorNa - Nordisk naturfiber i cirkulär ekonomi with funding from The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. 

For more information contact

Lill- Nägels Agroforestry Pilot Project, Project Leader Joshua Finch, joshua.finch@novia.fi 

NorNa, Project Leader, Ulrika Dahlberg, ulrika.dahlberg@novia.fi