How to apply to Novia UAS if you are a student from Ukraine

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Novia UAS supports students from Ukraine by offering them the possibility to study courses at Novia UAS without paying the course fees.

You can apply for a right to study as non-degree student in order to complete one or several courses at Novia UAS without paying the course fees. Non-degree students participate in daytime courses (at any of Novias UAS campuses).

Non-degree students are not entitled to student financial aid or any other social benefits for students. Studying as a non-degree student does not give the right to study as a degree student at Novia UAS.

Non-degree students may later apply for degree studies at Novia UAS. The courses completed as a non-degree student can then be credited for in the degree.

How do you apply?

Courses can be found in Novia UAS Study Guide, and on our webpage. Here you can find courses in English that exchange students at Novia UAS participates in. It is advisable to contact a Student Counsellor at Novia UAS by emailing, especially if you are not sure about which courses to apply for.

A Student Counsellor will contact you and arrange a meeting online if needed.

Once you have contacted a Student Counsellor and know which courses you wish to complete fill out the application form.

  • Please note that the application form is also used for applying to open UAS studies and the fee that is mentioned does not apply for students from Ukraine.
  • Write in the comments field that you are from Ukraine

Once the application is processed, we will send the decision about the right to non-degree studies to you by e-mail with more information about studies at Novia UAS. Please note that if the course is full or if the course’s prerequisites are not met, the study right is not granted.

If you have any questions regarding the study right please contact