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Turku Åbo Summer School invites participants worldwide to join a 2-week program in one of Finland's most popular and traditional student city. Apply by 14 April 2024!

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The Finnish summer is short, yet beautiful. We cannot think of a better way of spending it than learning and expanding your knowledge and professional skills. Turku Åbo Summer School offers you the best affordable and high-quality summer studies of five Turku area universities and universities of applied sciences.

The courses are priced from 50 to 75 euros. Course fees include teaching, grading and participation. We focus on offering the summer school students courses with diverse teaching methods and interactive learning.

A joint endeavor for excellence

Summer School is a cooperation of five higher education institutions in the Turku region that offer 18 topical, wide-ranging and fully accredited courses from their key areas. In a city with 40 000 students and 5 universities we collaborate. The five universities offer the best courses of their key areas with top teaching.

More than just studying

With our Sustainable Social Programme, we want to balance your studies by offering you the most interesting activities in the Turku region in an environmentally friendly way. In our Sustainable Social Programme you’ll enjoy Finnish nature and take part in different activities with local students. Are you ready for a cruise in the South-Western Finland’s Archipelago or a short hike in one of our national parks?

Join us on-site or online!

Turku Åbo Summer School is organized in August 2024. There are both online and on-site courses. Courses organized on-site may have some online parts, e.g. pre-assignments or exams, outside the contact teaching period but they require presence in Turku between 5-16 August 2024.

The orientation day for on-site studies in Turku is held on 4 August and the contact teaching period for the on-site courses is 5-16 August.

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