Ahmed Mabrouk, Master of Engineering, Intelligent Systems

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Ahmed Mabrouk Phtoshopped background

We asked Ahmed Mabrouk, a student at Novia University of Applied Sciences, about his work and education background, his experience studying at Novia UAS, and about his future plans.

Tell us a few things about your background

I am actually a Chartered Engineer Degree holder (CEng.) in Electrical Systems and Renewable Energies and I am doing my Master of Engineering degree here at Novia University of applied Sciences Intelligent Systems, focusing on Automation Technology.

Beside my studies, I have almost 4 years of experience in different roles from Technician to Engineer level across multiple industries ranging from food and beverage to pulp mills and telecommunication.

In 2020, I founded my digital blog ShihatiAwalan which aims to provide intelligent and remote health care services.

Why did you choose to study in Finland? What is your opinion about the Finnish education system?

I chose to study in Finland because Finland is the hub for Technology with a focus for integration of new alternatives to decarbonize the energy sector.

The Finnish education system is among the best education systems worldwide and indeed I find it flexible and very easy to adapt with.

Where did you hear about Novia UAS and why did you choose us?

I did my research on the Internet before choosing Novia UAS as my future school, I chose Novia because of its large reputation over Finland with different campuses in different cities.

Also, the Technobothnia lab, where most of the Intelligent System Institute Research and Development work is implemented, attracted me, too.

What made you choose the specific Degree Program you are currently studying?

As an Electrical Engineer, and in regard of my electrical engineering background, it’s a no brainer to choose the Automation Technology program which will bring to me the necessary knowledge about the latest available, on-the-market, trends in technology. This will help to boost my career.

Are you planning to live in Finland after you have completed your studies? What are your plans for the future?

Yes, Finland is a nice country and a good land to live in. I am planning to continue my career path as an engineer in my field of expertise. Also, I am studying the possibility to complete a PhD.