Which factors could affect a Swedish market entry, and which entry mode strategy is desired for a Finnish limited company?

Master of Business Administration, Digital Business and Management Event
Novia fasad
Date: 1.12.2023
Time: 15.15-16.00
Place: Novia UAS, Wolffskavägen 33

Thesis presentation by Janne Harju MBA; Digital Business and Management.

The aim of this study is to identify factors which could affect a successful Swedish market entry, and to identify the best entry mode strategy for the case company of this study. Such factors could be internal strengths and external opportunities on the Swedish market, but also internal weaknesses as well as external risks.

Market entry mode strategies analysed are Export and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).The result of this study will contribute to the Client´s final risk- and market analysis prior entering the Swedish market.

The theoretical framework of this Master´s Thesis is based on the ”Uppsala Theory” and the ”born regional” description. These theories are about small domestic companies expanding their business gradually to neighbouring markets. These theories are supported by secondary theoretical data.

The empirical part of this study is done by qualitative research, and the primary data is collected through semi-structured interviews. The result of the entire study is that the Client should enter the Swedish market by direct export. When a certain level of demand is verified in Sweden, then it could be time to plan for an FDI.

Factors worth considering in Sweden is to do a thorough market analysis prior any money is invested on a market entry, and to find a collaborating Swedish business partner who knows the foreign business environment and how to best behave there.

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