Lill-Nägels Agroforestry August Open Day

Systemic Transformation to Build Resilience Event
Lil Nagles Open Day August
Date: 26.8.2023
Time: 15.00-17.00
Place: Lill-Nägelsintie 48 A, 02420 Jorvas

Come visit the Lill-Nägels Agroforestry Pilot Project, in Jorvas, southern Finland. 

The pilot project at Novia University of Applied Sciences aims to establish a forestry farm according to the principle of cultivation. Through forestry farming, we can promote biodiversity, improve soil fertility, and increase farm profitability. We are developing a method to improve the ecological, economic, and social situation in farming today. 

The open day for August will by on Saturday the 26th.

Visitors will see how the cover crops sown adjacent to the trees, after garlic, are faring and how the different approaches to weeds are coming along. The trees will likely have finished their growing season and begun consolidating their new growth for the coming winter.

In the alleys and margins, we will see how the different underlying soil conditions have either favored the existing vegetation or allowed cover crops (both annual and perennial) to gain a foothold.

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Novia UAS, project leader, Joshua Finch,