Aboa Tech Talks 5.10: Biodiversity and Climate Change

Aboa Talks 2023
Date: 5.10.2023
Time: 09.00-11.00
Place: Online

The next Aboa Tech Talks will take place on 5.10.2023 at 9-11 am. The theme is Biodiversity and Climate Change, welcome to join in!

Join via Zoom: https://aboakademi.zoom.us/j/65971486590 


9:00 Welcome & introduction, Prof. Johan Bobacka 
09:10 Biodiversity respectful leadership, Prof. Ilari Sääksjärvi 
09.35 Sensing , assessing and monitoring the ocean a tech check, Prof. Anna Törnroos Remes 
10:00 Urban brooks in Turku discovering and protecting their biodiversity, Dr. Piia Leskinen 
10:25 The use of biomarkers in zooplankton research a focus on climate change, Dr. Jonna Engström Öst, Novia UAS
10:50 - 1:00 Discussion & concluding remarks, Prof. Johan Bobacka