Noora Raitanen, Master of Business Administration, Leadership and Service Design

"Studying at Novia has definitely given extra value and new tools for my career. Leaving your own comfort zone and challenging yourself is very rewarding."

Alumni Stories Master of Business Administration, Service Design
noora raitanen

In short: Tell us about your profession, how you got that profession and factors that impacted your choice of profession

I work as a Project Manager in software implementation projects and as a Service Manager for existing customers. Previously I have worked as a Systems Specialist and Consultant.

I ended up in this field of business through a traineeship which was part of my higher education studies in Tampere University during the early 2000’s.

This work requires problem solving skills and continuous learning. This is what makes the work interesting for me.

The best things about your profession

Consulting and project work are versatile, interesting, and challenging. I enjoy working with customers and different stakeholders while developing solutions that will ease and automate customers’ work. This work is all about people, teamwork, and communication. Without these aspects, it is not possible to develop meaningful solutions.

How has your education impacted your choice of profession and how you got to that profession? / Do you feel that your education has been of value to your professional life?

When I applied to the Novia UAS Master of Business Administration Degree Programme, I wrote into my motivation letter, that I want to take the next step on my career and work as Project Manager.

I wanted to learn to utilize service design methods in project business and in my own work. Writing down my professional goal made it more concrete and attainable. I am certain that this all helped me to achieve this professional goal.

Studying at Novia UAS has definitely given extra value and new tools for my career. Leaving your own comfort zone and challenging yourself is very rewarding. I believe employers appreciate concrete proofs of self-development. Studies demonstrate long-term commitment and ability to get things done.

What do you miss the most from your time studying?

Free and creative way of working together in study groups, and rehearsing service design methodology. Good conversations and challenging one another’s opinions.

We had a very active and diverse study group, so study topics were reflected from various point of views during the courses.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to develop my professional skills in the field of service management. I believe my service design and MBA studies are an asset for this purpose.