Kaniaw Abdullah Ali, Bachelor of Business Administration

"The best thing about my profession is that I get educated about new issues every day."

Alumni Stories
kanne ali

In short: Tell us about your profession, how you got that profession and factors that impacted your choice of profession?

After I graduated in 2017, I got a job offer in Dublin, Ireland. I worked at an Irish company called Covalen who serves B2B technical and sale support for different companies and clients. I worked for the Finnish and Swedish clients giving them help with IT issues for their employees. After a long time working there, I got a job offer at Infosys at their Espoo office, back home in Finland. I am currently working with advanced technical support and software issues inside the company for its own employees.

The best things about your profession?

You get educated about new issues every day. Great people working and supporting you.

How has your education impacted your choice of profession and how you got to that profession? / Do you feel that your education has been of value to your professional life?

Since I started studying Information Technology, which is very IT related, and working with projects, getting that profession was not hard.

I showed my knowledge and experience I got from my studying before having job experience because in Novia UAS we did not only study but also worked independently with project groups that we would get every period.

What do you miss the most from your time studying?

I miss going back and thinking how new I was in this field and how little knowledge I had back then about the IT world and the difference now and then is noticeably big. I miss the group projects and colleagues.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to get high positions, right now I am aiming for the manager role as Service Delivery Manager. Currently doing courses inside the company for that role.