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Round 5 starting in Autumn 2024!

The next round of Vaasa International Talent Talents, is set to kick off in the autumn of 2024. 

Stay tuned for further details as we will be announcing the official registration period later on.

 The image showcases our International Talents together with the Programme's stakeholders at the kick-off event in the last round, autumn 2023.

(Photo Credit: City of Vaasa)

Vaasa international talents round 4

Vaasa International Talents

The programme admits international degree students from each of the higher education institutions in Vaasa, that is; University of Vaasa, VAMK University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Åbo Akademi University and Hanken School of Economics.

As a participating degree student, you will be equipped with must-know facts about Finnish and local working life and its expectations on job applicants and employees.

The programme provides you with competence development knowledge and tools of different kinds. It further provides possibilities needed to develop Finnish working-life skills and to connect with companies and other actors within the region.

The aim is to help the students to integrate into the Finnish job market and establish themselves in the region after graduation.

Key Take-aways from Programme Participants

"Impactful programme, engaging speakers, and amazing fellow talents. All in all, a truly rewarding experience."

"I am thankful for the professional development that the programme provided me and for all the inspiring people I met during this period!"

"This is a great programme for international students to step into the Finnish working life. Many opportunities start here, and lovely people meet here."

"Thanks so much for this valuable program. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated all the efforts you put into it!"

"I am proud that I joined this program! It was the key for me to develop"

"The programme turned out to be wonderful and exceeded my expectations.”

"It is a great initiative in Vaasa! I wish it had started much earlier."

"Very beneficial programme for international students in Vaasa. Hoping for it to be long-term."

"Great programme for networking"

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Competence development

The Competence development – Skills for Finnish working life part of the programme consists of two modules. It equips the participants with must-know facts about Finnish and local working life and its expectations on job applicants and employees. It will include:

  • guest lectures on different topics

  • individual coaching

  • feedback on your job application materials

  • simulation of a job interview

  • group discussions

  • assigned tasks that will support your personal and professional development

(Photo Credit: Shuvendu Mallick)

Time investment needed?

The estimated required time investment in the lectures and individual coaching is roughly 25 hours. In addition, you will need to reserve time between the sessions for keeping a journal of your learning and for work on your job application materials and other related assigned tasks. At the end of Module 1, you will need to hand in your learning journal for review in order to secure a seat on Module 2.

When and how to Apply?

Instructions on How To Apply to the 5th round of the programme will be published later on.

Please note that students are required to apply only if they are prepared to invest the time and energy needed to complete the programme.

Details regarding eligibility, selection criteria, programme content and timeline for the next Round will be published closer to the opening of the application period.

What we expect from you


We expect the selected participants to

  • be physically present in Vaasa
  • attend the “Competence development - Skills for Finnish working life” sessions
  • keep a learning journal throughout the programme. At the end of the programme this journal will include your personal reflections and insights related to what you learn during the lectures, discussions, coaching sessions, etc.
  • complete other related tasks, such as work on job application materials
  • actively contribute to learning from each other by sharing questions, insights, lessons learned and best practices etc. with the other participating students, companies and other working life actors
  • actively network with the other students in the programme.
  • At the end of Module 1 you will need to hand in your learning journal for review, in order to secure a seat on Module 2.


Drop us an email at 


All programme participants will at the end of the programme receive a certificate of participation which can be used as future reference.

Alumni stories

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