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 AutoMare EduNet

AutoMare EduNet

A multidisciplinary collaboration between Universities to ensure high level education in the era of autonomous shipping

AutoMare EduNet project funded by Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, is a multidisciplinary collaboration between universities to ensure high level education in the era of autonomous shipping to meet the relatedemerging education needs from the maritime cluster.

Increasing level of automation and digitalization, the 4th industrial revolution, has an impact on the whole society reflecting on the needed skills of work force as well as education.

For the competitive advantage of Finnish maritime cluster high level of horizontal, multidisciplinary education and expertise is needed more in the future rather than focusing on vertical specialization. This can be achieved through collaboration and an increased level of information exchange between the experts in various fields.

Regardless the fact that autonomous ships are not sailing the seas yet, the development is rapid and the work for establishing the needed knowledge and expertise base for future should start now to ensure that the education provided will support the maritime cluster to stay ahead of the game.

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