Circular Economy – A Game Changer for the Wood Building Industry

Circular economy (CE) is an industrial system that replaces the traditional linear business model with a circular one. For companies this means introducing new business models based on repair, reuse, refurbishing, remanufacturing and recycling.

Circular Economy - a Game Changer for the Wood Building Industry is a project that aims to support SMEs within the wood building ecosystem in overcoming common barriers for adopting a circular economy business. This is done by:

  • Helping companies to increase their knowledge on new business models
  • Raising the employee know-how on new technical solutions
  • Creating a better understanding of customers need for product and service development 
  • Innitiating new networks and business ecosystems




News letters

The project regurarly organises events where companies active in the building sector can meet, network and widen their knowledge when it comes to circular economy. Check out our event page to stay updated on upcoming events and take part of material and presentations from previous events.

On the 16.3.2021 the workshop Preparing for a Circular Economy in the Nordic Wood Building Industry was organised. Take part of the presentations:


News letters are regurarly sent out to our mailing lists, and contains information about ongoing project activities. You find them all on our news letter page.

Latest Newsletter:

10/2020 - Circular Economy webinaarissa opittua (pdf)

10/2020 - Lärdomar från Circular Economy's webinarium (pdf)

   Newsletter 10/2020




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