Open UAS: Introduction to GIS in Bioeconomy, 5 ECTS

Pris The course is free of charge for degree students and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the Open UAS to the university of applied sciences that offers the course in question. This is a Novia course, fee for openUAS students 75€.
Anmälningstid 17.09.2020 00:00 - 27.10.2020 12:00
Omfattning 5.00 sp
Kursspråk English
Tidpunkt 28.10.2020 - 18.12.2020

Good, general computer skills.

Applicants with a background in the bioeconomy or environmental sectors are prioritized if the number of applicants is greater than 30.

You will know how to:
- make useful maps for various purposes
- utilize existing geographical data using GIS
- produce and collect your own geographical data
- produce spatial insights by GIS analysis
- communicate with digital maps

Content and working methods:
The course is an introduction to geographic Information Systems (GIS),
primarly for students in the bioeconomy and environmental sectors.
The course is practice oriented and includes a number of exercises and home assignments based on open data and open source software (QGIS3), that the course participant can download for free.

Teaching is offered both as recorded lessons, and  short  "How to" videos for learning specifik tools and workflows.
Course platform: Moodle

Form of examination and criteria for assessment:
The course and each home assignments are graded on a scale Passed/Not yet Passed.
All assignments need to be passed for the course to be passed.

Other important information:
Access to a computer where QGIS is or can be installed is necessary.

Course coordinator:
Romi Rancken