Läroplaner för studerande med studiestart hösten 2017

Master of Engineering, Maritime Management (60 SP)

Examen: Högre yrkeshögskoleexamen i teknik
Examensbenämning: Ingenjör (högre YH)
Beräknad studietid: 2 år
Studieform: FlerformsstudierFlerformsstudier

Advanced Professional Studies

MMM17MS5    5 SP

Studying in the Master's Program

The aim of the introduction is the ensure that the student is able to successfully work with the studies.

The student:
- is able to use the e-learning platform
- is aware of the characteristics of distance studies
- knows how to submit materials
- knows the principles of academic writing and referencing
- is familiar with different tools for communicating lecturers
1    1 SP

Research and Research Methods

The aim of the course is to give the student the tools for choosing a suitable method for the master's thesis.

The student:
- has a deeper understanding about what research is, how it can be done and what it is used for
- knows the importance of formulating research problems, knows how to recognize a good research problem, and how research problems are developed/created
- is familiar with different research methods, emphasizing methods suitable for the industry
1,5    1,5 SP

Leadership and Organization Theory

The student:

- knows central concepts and theoretical discussions in leadership and organization studies
- is able to choose suitable research methods for leadership related research problems
- is able to choose suitable research methods for research problems related to organizational issues
- understands how a theoretical perspective affects one's view on organizations and/or leadership
2,5    2,5 SP
MMM17SB5    5 SP
MMM17FM5    5 SP
MMM17MSU 5   5 SP
MMM17SC 5   5 SP
MMM17MA 5   5 SP

Master's Degree Thesis

MMM17MT1020   30 SP

1020   30 SP

Master's Thesis - Part 1

Master´s Thesis 1

The student
- can plan and develop a suitable objective and research project
- can choose a suitable method for the project
- has written a description of the research problem following principles in academic writing
- can present the thesis project
- is able to revise the project after receiving feedback.
10    10 SP

Master's Thesis - Part 2

Master`s Thesis 2
At the second stage the process continues by gathering information and combining the theoretical framework and empirical work. A meaningful development project is based on the requirements of working life commissions.

The student
- is able to critically evaluate the used sources and methods
- can select applicable sources and uses them systematically
- is able to use the methods chosen for the project
- is able to self-evaluate and discuss work(s) in progress
- can present and discuss work(s) in progress.
 10   10 SP

Master's Thesis - Part 3

The student:
- masters the methods and practices used in the maritime industry and is able to complete a thesis
- is able to document the final results and report the project according to good ethical principles
- is capable to give a presentation as well as to publish the thesis
 10   10 SP

1020    SP

Elective Studies


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