Läroplaner för studerande med studiestart hösten 2018

Master of Culture and Art, Entrepreneurship In the Arts; Music, Media and Marketing (60 SP)

Beräknad studietid: 1,5 år
Studieform: FlerformsstudierFlerformsstudier

Advanced Professional Studies

30 SP
EIA18EIA5    5 SP
EIA18EIA015    5 SP
EIA18MIA5    5 SP
EIA18MIA015    5 SP
EIA18MSB10    10 SP
EIA18MSB015    5 SP
EIA18MSB025    5 SP
EIA18PP10    10 SP
The Student
- has knowledge of the communication tools available for presenting themselves as an artist (such as portfolio, artist’s statement, CV, website etc)
- has knowledge about press, media and art criticism, and is able to use them
- has created an individual action plan for their future work within the field of art
- has knowledge about copyright issues, contracts, rights and obligations within the art business
- has an insight into the pricing of works of art
- has knowledge about economy, grants and stipends, and artist residencies and is able to use this knowledge

EIA18PP0110    10 SP


30 SP
this course includes 5 credit’s worth of preparation for the actual work on the thesis, in the form of introduction and intermission seminars
EIA18MT0130    30 SP

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