Läroplaner för studerande med studiestart hösten 2018

Master of Engineering, Maritime Management (60 SP)

Examen: Högre yrkeshögskoleexamen i teknik
Examensbenämning: Ingenjör (högre YH)
Beräknad studietid: 2 år
Studieform: FlerformsstudierFlerformsstudier

Advanced Professional Studies

MMM17MS5    5 SP

Studying in the Master's Program

The aim of the introduction is the ensure that the student is able to successfully work with the studies.

The student:
- is able to use the e-learning platform
- is aware of the characteristics of distance studies
- knows how to submit materials
- knows the principles of academic writing and referencing
- is familiar with different tools for communicating lecturers
1    1 SP

Research and Research Methods

The aim of the course is to give the student the tools for choosing a suitable method for the master's thesis.

The student:
- has a deeper understanding about what research is, how it can be done and what it is used for
- knows the importance of formulating research problems, knows how to recognize a good research problem, and how research problems are developed/created
- is familiar with different research methods, emphasizing methods suitable for the industry
1,5    1,5 SP

Leadership and Organization Theory

The student:

- knows central concepts and theoretical discussions in leadership and organization studies
- is able to choose suitable research methods for leadership related research problems
- is able to choose suitable research methods for research problems related to organizational issues
- understands how a theoretical perspective affects one's view on organizations and/or leadership
2,5    2,5 SP
MMM17SB5    5 SP

The Shipping Business

The aim of the course is to provide the student an overview of maritime and shipping industries and to develop student’s understanding on shipping markets, economics of shipping and the shipping industry.

After completing the course, the student will:

- Understand the role and significance of maritime transport as part of the international economy

- Understand the role and interaction of different stakeholders in the shipping industry.

- Understand the logic of key shipping markets such as liner shipping and tramp shipping

- Understand the revenue models in shipping and to utilize them in decision making from the perspective of different stakeholders
5    5 SP
MMM17FM5    5 SP

Financial management and maritime business

The Student:
- understands the key-elements of the financial Market including various forms of company/corporate financing alternatives
- is able to use financial information for decision making and leadership,
- is able to evaluate profitability, analyze the operations and plan for results for companies,
understands basics in how financial accounting works in a small global organization.

The student takes responsibility for one's own actions and works according to jointly agreed principles and measures.
5    5 SP
MMM17MSU 5   5 SP

Marine Superintendency

Superintendents (SI) work as connecting persons between vessel, master, chief engineer, suppliers, yards etc.
This course focuses on giving the student tools to succesfully work as, or work with, a marine superintendent.

The student:
- knows central laws, regulations, conventions and similar
- knows what certificates, and such, are crucial in shipping companies
- knows the duties of an SI
- can plan dockings and monitor newbuildings
- is able to manage maintenance work in a shipping company fleet
- can handle safety related duties
- has basic knowledge about recruiting and human resources
- knows how financial management and the SI position are connected
- is familiar with the International Safety Management Code and related work
 5   5 SP
MMM17SC 5   5 SP

Supply Chain Management

The aim of the course is to develop student's knowledge-base on the planning, and operation of supply chains and to develop student's analytical and decision making skills related to supply chain management, especially considering the key role of maritime transport in global supply chains.

After completing the course, the student will:

- Understand the basics of logistics and supply chain management from the perspectives of focal firm and the logistics service provider

- Understand the evolution and logic of global supply chains

- Understand the roles of maritime transport and the shipping industry in global supply chains

- Understand the interaction between the different stakeholders in supply chains
 5   5 SP
MMM17MA 5   5 SP

Management Accounting and Maritime Business

The student:
- understands the place of Management accounting in an organisation.
- knows costing methods and processes for different types of organisations
- understands the requirements on the cost accounting systems used
- is able to prepare basic budgets and perform standard internal accounting calculations for management use within a company.
 5   5 SP

Master's Degree Thesis

MMM17MT1020   30 SP

1020   30 SP

Master's Thesis - Part 1

Master´s Thesis 1

The student
- can plan and develop a suitable objective and research project
- can choose a suitable method for the project
- has written a description of the research problem following principles in academic writing
- can present the thesis project
- is able to revise the project after receiving feedback.
10    10 SP

Master's Thesis - Part 2

Master`s Thesis 2
At the second stage the process continues by gathering information and combining the theoretical framework and empirical work. A meaningful development project is based on the requirements of working life commissions.

The student
- is able to critically evaluate the used sources and methods
- can select applicable sources and uses them systematically
- is able to use the methods chosen for the project
- is able to self-evaluate and discuss work(s) in progress
- can present and discuss work(s) in progress.
 10   10 SP

Master's Thesis - Part 3

The student:
- masters the methods and practices used in the maritime industry and is able to complete a thesis
- is able to document the final results and report the project according to good ethical principles
- is capable to give a presentation as well as to publish the thesis
 10   10 SP

1020    SP

Elective Studies


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