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2015/2016 » Teknik och kommunikation » Bachelor of Marine Technology, Maritime Management » PROFESSIONAL STUDIES » Management Level STCW function 1 » Route Planning 2

Route Planning 2

Kod: MM14M106
Namn: Route Planning 2
SP totalt: 1,5
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): År 1:     År 2:     År 3:     År 4: 1,5    År 5:     
Förkunskaper: Watchkeeping Duties 2
Kursspecifika kompetenser: The student
• is in all conditions able to determine position using both celestial and terrestrial observations
• knows how to assess the reliability of the position with the help of navigational charts, notices for mariners and other nautical publications.

The student is provided with knowledge of voyage planning and navigation for all conditions by acceptable methods of plotting ocean tracks, taking into account e.g.
• restricted waters
• meteorological conditions
• ice
• restricted visibility (blind pilotage)
• traffic separations schemes
• areas of extensive tidal effects

The student gains knowledge of routeing in accordance with the General Principles on Ships’ Routeing.

The student is able to report in accordance with the Guidelines and Criteria for Ship Reporting Systems.

The student knows the methods of blind pilotage.
Kursspecifika kompetenser (fil):
Ansvarig utbildning: Maritime Management

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