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Research Methodology 2

Kod: NU13RM02
Namn: Research Methodology 2
SP totalt: 5
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): År 1:     År 2:     År 3: 5    År 4:     År 5:     
Förkunskaper: Research Methodology 1
Kursspecifika kompetenser: The student
Understands the different approaches to nursing research, such as the difference in qualitative and quantitative studies, and displays the ability to use these approaches in small exercises

Demonstrates an evidence-based approach to nursing

Demonstrates the ability to carry out a study by following the different phases of the nursing research process, and is able to independently plan the collection and analysis of data on Bachelor level.
Kursspecifika kompetenser (fil):
Undervisningsspråk: Engelska
Ansvarigt utbildningsprogram: Nursing

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