Novia UAS offers 15 Degree Programmes in English for 2022 – Two new programmes

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Apply to Novia UAS English degree programmes 5–19 January 2022. The application takes place online at studyinfo.fi.  

Novia University of Applied Sciences offers multidisciplinary education with a practical orientation, both at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. For 2022 Novia UAS brings you 6 Degree programmes at Bachelor’s level and 9 on Master’s level. At Novia you will receive, education of the highest quality, a close co-operation with working life and an eventful and enjoyable student life. Novia UAS is the largest Swedish-speaking University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and we will give you the tools needed to become experts and developers based on the requirements of working life. There are no tuition fees for students who are EU/EEA citizens.  

Two new programmes in English for 2022 

New Degree programme on Bachelor level next year is Bachelor of Engineering, Energy Technology 240 ECTS. The programme is two years and meant for students who have already completed at least two years of university level studies in a related field, such as Energy, Electrical or Mechanical Technology. 

On Master level we introduce a new programme in Master of Engineering. The degree programme Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering, 60 ECTS, takes place in Raasepori. This programme equips you with insights and tools needed to take a central role in creating sustainable and climate-smart buildings. 

Online Studies – study comfortably with distance learning  

On Master level you can also study completely online in two degree programmes; Master of Health Care/Master of Social Services, Health Care and Social Services, 90 ECTS and Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Management, 60 ECTS. Even if the studies take place online, it is still required to visit Finland to get the original versions of previous degree certificates checked and to strengthen one’s personal identity during your studies. 

We welcome you to Novia UAS, the University with a million trees - Novia UAS manage a million trees with a net carbon sequestration of more than two million kg CO2/year. This is equivalent to the emissions of a modern petrol car driving more than 350 times around the globe.  

Below you can see all Novia University of Applied Science English degree programmes. You will also find more information in our brochure.  

On Bachelor level 2022:  


On Master level 2022:  


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