Student Service Fees

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students at Novia UAS will be introduced 2017. The fees will range between 6 000-9 000 euro for Bachelor degrees and between 8 000-11 000 euro for Master degrees per academic year. There will also be a scholarship system in place for students required to pay the tuition fee. More information about the fees and the scholarship system is available here.  

Student Service Fees

Application for extended duration of study  50 €
Application for regained right to study  50 €

(29 § Fees for Handling Applications for Renewed Right to Study, Degree Regulations 17.6.2014 and Government Decree 1440/2014)

The handling fee is to be paid through Paytrail in connection to submission of the application.

Fees for Issuing New Transcripts

Novia UAS can if necessary produce new authorized copies of lost certificates (degree certificates or appendices) to replace the original documents.

Note! if you have Finnish bank identification codes, you can view and share information about your studies in Swedish or Finnish through the My Studyinfo service (select EN for information in English).

Degree Certificate, Novia UAS 2008- (incl. Transcript of Records, Diploma Supplement)  50 €
Degree Certificate (Swedish / English), Novia UAS 2008- (excl. Transcript of Records, Diploma Supplement)  30 €
Transcript of Records, Novia UAS 2008-  10 €
Diploma Supplement, Novia UAS 2008-  10 €
Transcript of Records (after graduation or termination of studies), Novia UAS 2008- 10 € (*)

 (*) To students' whose right to study has recently been terminated but who have not graduated, an authorized transcript of records is sent free-of-charge. Fees are however charged for transcript of records which are requested later after graduation or termination of studies.

The Local Register Offices (maistraatti/magistraten) can authorize copies of degree certificates if necessary.

Degree certificates Sydväst (that are not electronically archived) 100 €
Older degree certificates (before Sydväst, that are not electronically archived) 150 €
Degree certificates from Swedish Polytechnic (Svenska Yrkeshögskolan, SYH) are
handled by SÖFUK. Fees accoring to their price list.


Curricula descriptions, Novia UAS 2008- 15 €/curricula
Individual course descriptions and realization plans, Novia UAS 2008- 10 €/course
Old curricula descriptions (that are not electronically archived) 30 €/degree programme
Individual course descriptions (that are not electronically archived) 20 €/course


A processing fee will be charged when ordering authorized copies of degree certificates, Transcript of Records, curriculas, course descriptions and degree verifications.

Processing fee (incl. postage fee as a registered/trackable letter within Finland)

15 €  


Authorized copies of degree certificates are issued in both Swedish and English. If the original certificate was issued only in Swedish a translation is not provided. The price of the degree certificate is the same regardless of the language. Documents which contain personal details are sent as registered/trackable letters unless they are collected.

For more information about degree certificate copies please contact:


  • The price includes authorized copies, and VAT 0 %.
  • The delivery time is approx. three weeks.
  • If the documents/copies are collected, a request / agreement must be made in advance and identification (ID-card/passport) must be shown upon collection. If the documents /copies are collected by a third party a valid power of attorney must be presented.
  • If the documents/copies are to be delivered to a third party the customer must submit a power of attorney and a valid billing address.
  • The documents/copies are not delivered by e-mail or fax for security reasons.

Act regarding fees for documents: Act on publicity of operations by authorities (23.6.2005/495) 34 §.

 Fees for Degree Verifications

Verification of degree and qualification within Health Care, for positions in other countries 350 €
Verification of degree (forms need to be filled in) 50 €
Verification of quality system in connection to degree verification (copies of quality documents) 60 €
If copies of curricula and/or individual course descriptions are needed, the fee is according to the price list above.  
Third parties as employers, University admissions and insurance companies can request information and
receive documents at no cost (as long as no forms need to be filled in)


Other Information

Degree certificates are sent without any cost within Finland. If the examinee wishes to have his/her degree certificate delivered by an international parcel company, such as DHL, the parcel orderer is responsible for all costs including the processing fee mentioned above.