Requirements for Master

What are the requirements for Master studies? 


  • You need a Bachelor degree certificate (undergraduate degree EQF 6, or equivalent document). Upon request, you must also submit a transcript of records (a record of completed courses and grades). 
  • If your Bachelor degree certificate is not issued in English, Swedish or Finnish you need an authorised translation of the document into English, Swedish or Finnish.
  • You need at least two years (24 months) of work experience obtained after your Bachelor degree  that can be verified by employment certificates issued by your employer. 
  • You need to have good English language skills.  Your language skills will be tested in the entrance examination(s). A separate language test is not necessary in the application. In order to be successful in your studies, your English language skills should be at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 
  • You can apply to any field of study with any field of Bachelor degree studies except in Industrial Management and Engineering that require previous degree in the following fields: technology, economics or business.
  • All Master degree programmes have a mandatory pre-task and/or CV requirement. 

Novia UAS follows the Finnish legislation 932/2014 § 25 concerning the requirements for admission to Master degree studies offered at Universities of Applied Sciences.   

Admission as a refugee

If an applicant is a refugee, asylum-seeker or in a refugee-like situation and is unable to upload documentary evidence of his or her qualification, a university of applied sciences may invite the applicant to sit an entrance examination. The applicant must have an official decision attesting to his or her refugee status (a decision on asylum or a residence permit granted on the basis of a need for protection). The applicant must upload a copy of such decision in the online application form by the deadline for uploading application attachments. If you need assistance, contact the Admissions Services

 Discretionary admission

Novia UAS uses discretionary admission for all Master degree programmes. If you do not meet the above mentioned educational requirements for  Master degree studies, please upload all your previous educational documents (from university/higher educational institution) in your online application. The Admissions Services will only consider documents uploaded in the online application. Each case is evaluated individually.

Discretion may be considered in the following situations:

  • An applicant has completed a Master degree but does not hold a Bachelor degree certificate.