Application for Transfer - If you want to transfer to Novia UAS from your current UAS or within the university of applied sciences so that the qualification title changes. Transfer students must submit an electronic application form through the service during the application period; 1-15 May (for studies beginning in the autumn).

Application for Change of Degree Programme - If you already are registered at Novia UAS but you want to change your degree programme or location within Novia UAS (same qualification title). An application should be submitted 15 May or 15 November.

Registration for Attendance and non-Attendance- If you want to register or change your attendance or non-attendance registration, and you are unable to register electronically.

Application for Extended Duration of Studies- If you have used your maximum duration of study (normal duration of study + one year) and need a little more time to complete your studies. An application should be submitted 15 May or 15 November. The fee for this service is 50 €.

Application for Reinstated Right to Study - If you have lost your right to study at Novia UAS, for example if you forgot to make the registration for attendance or non-attendance in time. The fee for this service is 50 €.

Termination of Studies - If you want to end your studies at Novia and cancel your study place. Remember that it is also possible to register as non-attending if you want to have a break in your studies and continue studying later, if so use the form for registration of attendance or non-attendance instead. 

Other forms needed during the studies can be found on the Intranet.