Elina Laakso, Nursing

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My name is Elina and I come from Southern part of Finland where I went to high school before coming to study at Novia. I was an exchange student in Alabama, USA during my high school where I learned better English.

Why did you choose Novia UAS and DP in Nursing?

I decided to become a nurse so I could help others. I also wanted to work abroad after school to explore the world. When I talked with my high school study advisor she recommended to study in English and gave a list of schools in Finland where you could do so. I chose Novia so that I could improve my Swedish and learn about other cultures while studying with international students.

Tell us about the degree program you are studying on!

Studying in English degree program is nice because it is basically the same as Finnish or Swedish program so you can work in Finland after graduation but you already have the knowledge in English so it is possible to go work in other countries. We also get deeper intercultural understanding since most of our classmates are from around the world and we get to study intercultural nursing. That is not part of the national program.

What is living in Vaasa like?

From a Finnish perspective, Vaasa is a bigger town where you can find everything but it is not too big.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m planning to work after graduation, perhaps in mental health hospital and after a couple of years going to work in other countries. Maybe later I will study more.

Why would you recommend your degree programme to others?

I recommend DP in nursing for everyone who want to challenge themselves to study in another language than their mother tongue. It will be tough sometimes but you will know more after graduation than those in the national program.

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