Thesis and Maturity Exam

When to start?
In final year of the studies, students undertake an independent thesis work which consists of 15 credits. One can also start collecting data and work towards compilation of thesis earlier.

Who would supervise me?
Usually a student undertaking thesis work is assigned with more than one supervisor. One can also work with an external client (= employer) who acts as a supervisor.

What to write on?
A student is free to choose which particular aspect of coastal zone management and/or natural resource management one would like to focus on. However, s/he is recommended to have a discussion with the faculty members before embarking on his/her thesis.

What our students have worked on so far?

1.         Geographic Information System (GIS) as a Decision Support Tool for Selecting Potential Landfill Sites (Emeka Amakihe)

2.        Wind power acceptance among young people- case Ingå-Raseborg (Nenna Giss)

3.        Assessing the Water Footprint of Tofu Produced from Organically Cultivated Crops (Usman Ilyass)

4.        Marine resource planning (Veera Komoulainen)

How will my thesis be assessed?
A good thesis is a culmination of what one has learnt in school, your practical experience and your own critical thinking put in a bigger context of a given problem. Evaluation of thesis not only includes writing but also presentation of one's work for experts and an open audience and critical assessment of another student's thesis. After final presentation of your thesis, one also writes a maturity exam.