Practical Training

Practical Training (= Internship)

Meaning what?
This means that you are working at an institute/ organization/ company for approximately five months. One can either work continuously for five months earning 30 credits at one go or divide it in smaller blocks. Most often students find internships on their own, if needed the school and the faculty help in finding an appropriate internship.

Where can you work?
You can work at different places depending on what you would like to do during your internship. Prospective employers can range from several government and non-governmental organizations, municipalities and private companies or ideal organizations. Our students so far have worked at places such as:

  • Metsähallitus or National Heritage Service
  • Soya oy
  • Harnssen International oy
  • Västra Nylands Vatten och Miljö
  • NordCenter
  • Turtle Watch (in Thailand)
  • Corenso United oy
  • Terra Nostra Films (in Mexico)
  • Seehundstation National Park (in Germany)
  • And also research and development institutes such as
  • Aronia (Research and Development Institute at Novia UAS and Åbo Academy University, link)
  • Centre for Earth Science Studies (in India)
  • University of Canterbury (in New Zealand)

What does one do during internship?

Interview with Emeka Amakihe from Purba Pal on Vimeo.

Interview with Vilja Jyrinki from Purba Pal on Vimeo.

Is it paid/unpaid?
Our students have worked both with and without money. The overall goal of internship is to acquire experience, so we encourage quality in your internship.

What does it give you?
It gives you hands on experience that cannot be taught in school. You learn to work with professionals and face challenges that are real. Also you train your language and social skills, make new friends; apart from getting an opportunity to apply what you learnt inside classrooms.

Where can you get funding for your internship?
Depending on the duration (for most grants minimum duration is 3 months) and destination, the university provides financial support in the forms of Erasmus (within Europe), Nordplus (within Nordic countries) or other travel grants to support your travel expenses.

Can you choose your own internship?
Yes, within the programme we totally encourage students to find their own internships as you know best what you are looking for. Our Head of Programme (or internship coordinator) approves your internship before you can start.

Who helps you with the process?
Both the internship coordinator and Head of Degree Programme help you throughout the process, in case you are feeling lost. Internship coordinator also helps you with practicalities of internship, before, during and after the completion of your internship.