FAQ Maritime Management, Captain

1. If I have already studied courses within this field can I get them accredited if I am admitted?
Yes. If you have studied courses within the maritime field you can get them accredited by the Head of the Degree Programme, or a student counsellor after you are admitted to the programme if the course(s) correspond to the curriculum of the Maritime Management, Captain programme. There may be some testing involved before credits can be approved. The Admissions Services does not accredit courses.

 2. Do I need to know how to swim?
Within maritime studies students are required to take part in training courses concerning safety at sea. To partake in these training courses students are required to know how to swim at least 200m. If you do not know how to swim it is recommended that you start training before you commence your studies.

3. When and where should I submit my seafarers health certificate?
If you are an admitted student at Maritime Management, Captain please submit your Medical certificate no later than 7 September 2018. Send your certificate to: Novia UAS, Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, 20100 Turku, Finland.

4. Can I take courses without being an admitted student at the programme?
Yes. If you live in Finland you can take courses from the programme through the Open UAS for a small fee.