Entrance Requirements

The Degree Programme in Nursing follows the general admission criteria in Finland. For more information about eligibility please see the page about application.

Entrance Examination

Please find information about the entrance examination here.


Health and Language Requirements within Health Services

All students admitted to the Nursing program need to be in good physical and mental health and are required to provide a health certificate in connection to the study start. The health certificate is required for practice placements. Applicants applying to the Nursing programme need to consider:

  • That studies and work within this area require a good mental balance.
  • Illnesses that prohibit movement and/or chronic skin diseases can become a health problem during the studies or later during your career. A disease that is contagious by blood can restrict your work possibilities.
  • This field of studies is not appropriate for people that use drugs or misuse alcohol and/or medicines.

Nursing students must show their ability to interact with patients in Finnish/Swedish before their first period of work practice which is in held during the second year of study. Students with no or little knowledge in the above mentioned languages need to study the languages independently during the first study year. Please check e.g. following links, Arbis and EFÖ for further information about language studies in Vaasa.


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