Other Information

Applying as a Refugee

If an applicant is a refugee or in a refugee-like situation and is unable to upload documentary evidence of his or her qualification, a university of applied sciences may invite the applicant to sit an entrance examination. The applicant must have an official decision attesting to his or her refugee status (a decision on asylum or a residence permit granted on the basis of a need for protection). The applicant must upload a copy of such decision in the online application form by the deadline for uploading application attachments.


If an applicant is in need of any special arrangements during the entrance examinations at Novia University of Applied Sciences due to a handicap or disability he/she should send a written application to the Admissions Services at Novia University of Applied Sciences, PB 6, 65201 Vaasa, Finland. The application form for special arrangements should be submitted no later than 8 February 2019 in the first spring application and no later than 20 April 2019 in the second spring application. The application for special arrangements should include a medical certificate that states the nature of the handicap/disability and how it affects the applicant's ability to participate in the entrance examination. Special arrangements can include removal of obstacles to ease access, extra time, extra space for writing or the use of special aids. The applicant will be notified of the arrangements that can be made by the University of Applied Sciences.

For further details about accessibility in student admissions please see section 1.7 in the Recommendation for Admissions Criteria 2019.

Prioritize Application Preferences

In the joint application you must prioritize your application preferences. The order of your application preferences is binding and cannot be changed after the end of the application period in question. After the end of the application period is it no longer possible to add or remove application preferences.

If you are admitted to the degree programme ranked highest on your application form, you can no longer be admitted to a degree programme below that application preference. E.g. if you are admitted to preference number two you may still have a chance to be admitted to preference number one from the waiting list. If you are admitted to preference number three you may still have a chance to be admitted to preference number one or two from the waiting list, and so on.

For further details about admission results and waiting lists can be found here.