From Open UAS to Degree Studies

More information about the next separate application will be updated soon! 


Novia UAS will arrange a separate application for applicants that have completed 60 credits in the Open University in a University/University of Applied Sciences in Finland if the degree programme accepts students that have completed Open UAS studies.


  • Application period 1-15.8.2019 online at
  • Application attachments due 16.8.2019 at 3 pm
  • Result of admission is sent by e-mail to applicants not later than 22.8.2019
  • Confirmation of acceptance not later than 1.9.2019 at 3 pm

Admission Criteria

  • At least 60 credits must be completed within the Open UAS in Nursing not later than 31.7.2019.
  • If there is reason to limit the number of applicants the applicants will be ranked according to the unweighted mean grade of all completed credits in the Open UAS within the degree programme in question. If no difference between the applicants is reached there will be a drawing of lots.
  • If you are admitted as a student, confirm the study place and register you as attending from autumn term 2019. Restrictions on the right to register as non-attending (absent) of legal reasons during the first year of study also apply to students admitted through a separate application.

Participating Programmes