Sustainable Coastal Management

Entrance Examination Online and on Campus

Entrance examinations for the degree programme in Sustainable Coastal Management will be held both on campus and online 1-5 March 2021. The exact time will be included in the invitation e-mail.

All eligible applicants will receive invitations to the entrance examination. In the online application form, you should select whether you want to participate in the entrance examination on campus and/or online.

The entrance examination tests the applicants’ interest in and aptitude for the field. 

  • The maximum score for the first examination section is 60 points. This section tests applicants’ aptitude for the field. The minimum acceptable score is 18 points.
  • The second examination section tests study motivation. The maximum score for this section is 40 points, while the minimum acceptable score is 12 points.
  • Based on the examination, applicants’ English language proficiency will be assessed on a scale of pass/fail.

Admission is not possible without participation in the entrance examination. The maximum score for the entrance examination is 100 points. Applicants must score at least 30 points and must pass all sections in order to be considered for admission.