Entrepreneurship in the Arts


All applicants must submit a pre-task by the end of the application period, no later than 30 January 2019 at 3 pm Finnish time. Pre-tasks submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Applicants who have not submitted a pre-task will not be invited to the entrance examination. The pre-task must be approved in order for the applicant to be invited to the entrance examination. The pre-task will be evaluated on a pass or fail basis.

The pre-task consists of a portfolio that represents the applicant’s artistic body of work, as well as a motivation letter and a reference.

The portfolio should be uploaded electronically in the online application form in pdf format (max 10 MG file). Work samples consisting of moving images or sound should be uploaded elsewhere and given as a link in the portfolio. The portfolio should also contain the applicant’s CV and artist statement.

A freely formulated motivation letter should be also be uploaded in connection to the portfolio, the success of the application relies heavily on it. You need to provide at least one reference (name of the person, job title, relationship to the applicant, and contact details). The applicant is encouraged to have a general idea about personal goals with their education in their motivational letter.

The pre-task should be uploaded in the online application form in Studyinfo.fi by 30.1.2019 at 3 pm

Entrance Examinations

All eligible applicants with approved pre-tasks will be invited to the entrance examination. The entrance examination will consist of an interview that occurs 11-15.3.2019 in Jakobstad, Campus Allegro or alternatively via Skype for foreigners, about 20-30 minutes per applicant. The interview will also serve as an English language test, since the program will be taught in English