Entrance Examination

Invitation to the entrance examination

All eligible applicants will receive invitations to the entrance examination. The entrance examination is compulsory and is held 18-20 March 2019 only in Vaasa, Finland. The exact time and location will be included in the invitation letter. All invited applicants must enrol to the entrance examination and also in which language, Swedish or Finnish she/he wants to do the language test, all applicants will be tested in English.  Results from other entrance examinations are not accepted.

Content of the entrance examination

An entrance examination in Health Care and Social Services places emphasis on aptitude for the field by assessing motivation, language skills and social, learning and work skills. Those admitted to programmes are required to have a suitable health status for the field.

An applicant can score maximum 70 points in the entrance exam. Applicants must score at least 30 (maximum 70 points) in the entrance examination. An entrance examination result below 30 is failed and cannot be considered for admission. The maximum scores for the four sections are: 20 points for the written test based on pre-reading material, 10 points for the mathematics test, 20 points for the language test and 20 points for the personal interview. All four sections of the entrance examination must be passed in order to be considered for admission.

The entrance examination is divided into parts:

Admission to the degree programme

Students are selected for Nursing using an entrance examination only. The admission score consists of totally 70 points awarded for the entrance examination.

Preparatory task

The entrance examination at Novia includes a preparatory task. The task shall be brought to the examination. If the applicant does not have the task at registration for examination, the total points for examination will be reduced by three points.

The preparatory task is a text of one page (A4), written in a word processing format.

The written task is part of the personal interview and will not be returned.

Start with your name, applicant number and date of birth.

In the preparatory task you should reflect on the following:

  • Why do you apply for health care and social welfare?

  • What importance do you give to your earlier education, your working experience and your hobbies?

  • Why do you apply for studies at this time?

  • What are your strengths considering a profession within health care?

  • What are your study strategies?