Applying to Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes conducted in English at Novia UAS is possible mainly during the Joint application to Higher Education, spring 2020, annually in January. The applications are made online at during the application period. You can read about the application process and entrance requirements by clicking on the links to your right. When you are applying you may have questions about the application process. You can find answers to frequently asked questions at Admissions FAQ. If you have further questions about the application process or need help with your application, please contact the Admissions Services.

Application Period

Joint application to Higher Education, spring 2020, 8 - 22 January 2020 at 3 pm (Finnish time)

Joint application period is online at Applications can only be submitted during the application period online at

Bachelor Degree

Health and Welfare

  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, 210 ECTS/3,5 years, full-time studies, Vaasa

Technology and Seafaring

Natural Resources

  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management, 240 ECTS, (2 years),
    full-time studies, Raasepori Notice! Eligibility criteria: 120 ECTS of previous university level studies in a relevant field.  

 Master Degree


Technology and Seafaring

Natural Resources


Admissions Services 

The Admissions Services handles all applications for degree studies at Novia UAS. The address is
Novia UAS, Admissions Services,  PB 6,  FI-65201 Vaasa, Finland.