Stora Komet

The project “Stora Komet” (Big Comet) focuses on facilitating the process for Swedish-speaking young people in the
transitions from one phase of life to another, particularly in the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. The transition from studies
on one level to another level, the transition from studies to working life, as well as the transition to and from the military
service are central in this project.

The aim of the project is to make these transitions smooth and easy for the young people.
It is important that the counsellors and teachers working with young people and their families on one hand, and the
young people themselves on the other, find information and supporting services in situations where professional
support is required and especially when there is a risk for dropping out from school or for alienation. There is a clear
need for a forum for cooperation between different support services offered in Swedish - we need to enhance the
utilization of the services, fill the gaps, and define more clearly the Swedish options.
The project will develop a better overall support for career planning for young students and for those who are at risk of
marginalization and exclusion.

The target group consists of young people under 30 years of age and the counsellors (guidance counsellors, tutors,
mentors, teachers, parents and other adults) who encounter them during their education and their critical transition
The project involves two universities of applied sciences, i.e. Novia (project owner) and Arcada, the two vocational
schools Axxell and Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum and a representative of the third sector, Luckan rf (registered association)
(project partner) plus a list of other project partners.
The project creates services, information channels and tools for advice, guidance and also integrates career planning
and counselling in the curricula.
The planned activities for the target group of young people focus on advice and guidance, improved information,
mentoring and peer support. For the adult target group the planned activities consist mainly of further education in this
special area.